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Incoming New Students

Interested in living in a vibrant community where your fellow classmates are right down the hall?  Want the convenience of living close to your classes, dining facilities, and study spaces?  If you answered yes, then Campus Housing is here to help you find the perfect on-campus living solution!  You may want to check out all of the options available to you by visiting our Residence Hall Information page.  If you would like information about housing accommodations please visit the Center for Disability Services.  To view policies and procedures for students living in on-campus housing, visit Residence Life's Policies and Procedures.

2018-2019 Housing Contract (pdf) Housing contracts are binding for the entire academic year (both fall and spring semesters).

Spring 2019 Housing Contract (pdf) for students starting during the Spring 2018 semester.


Step One: In order to be able to access the housing application students will need to pay the $100 tuition deposit, $200 housing prepayment and the $50 application fee either online through MyCharleston or in person at the Treasurer’s Office. These payments will need to be made in order to access the housing application.

Step Two: Starting November 1, 2019 at 9:00AM and after students have made the above payments students may begin the application by choosing the MyHousing/MyDining button within MyCharleston. During the application process students will enter their housing emergency contact, answer profile questions, designate building preferences, preference a roommate (optional), select a meal plan, and sign the housing contract.  Before you designate your building preferences Campus Housing suggests that you check out the Residence Halls page where you can see model rooms and learn about all the amenities for each building.

Step Three: Campus Housing will work on the student’s assignment based on the preferences listed on the application and available spaces.  Campus Housing will send an email to the student in late December confirming their housing placement and include contact information for their roommate. 


  1. Log into MyCharleston (If you are having trouble logging into MyCharleston please contact the helpdesk at 843-953-3375).
  2. Select the MyAccounts tab, then scroll to the bottom and click the link that says Log onto eBill account. Click the button for Open my eBill account. 
  3. In the new pop-up window, select Deposits at the top, then select the term (2019 Spring).
  4. In the drop down menu, select tuition deposit. The system will prompt you to submit the $100 tuition deposit (this officially confirms your spot in the entering class).
  5. Repeat step 4, but select housing deposit.  The system will prompt you to submit the $200 housing prepayment (this confirms your intent to request on-campus housing).
  6. Repeat step 4, but select housing application fee.  The system will prompt you to submit the $50 housing application fee (this will allow you to access the housing application).


Not sure where you want to live?  Don’t worry, Campus Housing is here to help you find the perfect home away from home.  Did you know that studies show that students who live on campus in residence halls are more likely to stay in school and graduate than those who choose to live off campus? Besides it is way easier to get up 10 minutes before class and make it on time if you live close to your classes.  We encourage all incoming students to check out the Residence Halls page to learn more about housing options including pictures of buildings, room amenities and so much more!  Just remember that wherever you end up we have amazing Residence Life staff members to answer all your questions and help develop your new community.


One of the first connections college students make is with their roommate.  Many students are nervous about living with a new person and sharing a room.  This is totally natural and that is why Campus Housing works with incoming students to match you to your future roommate.  During your housing application you will be asked a number of profile questions that Campus Housing will use to match you with a roommate.  It is very important that you fill out these answers honestly.  Family members can be very helpful but they will not be the ones living in your new room so please answer the profile questions on your own.  The questions you will answer cover areas like sharing of items, cleanliness, bed times, noise, and the relationship between you and your future roommate.  We encourage you to answer these questions based off of who you are today, not who you think you will become in college.  Trust us, if your room is a mess now, it is unlikely that this will change with your busy college schedule so don’t say you are organized, just be honest!


If necessary, students can cancel their housing application and assigned bed space online using the CANCELLATION PAGE of the housing application. The cancellation will be timestamped and processed as soon as possible. If a student opts to not attend the College of Charleston for any reason they need to cancel their housing application online immediately. Notifying another campus department of their intent does not automatically cancel their housing application and room reservation. Cancellation penalties will apply based on the date of cancellation.

Now - January 2, 2019 students can cancel their housing contract during this time, however the $50 application fee and $200 housing payment will not be refunded.


Campus Housing recognizes the needs of students with disabilities. We work in conjunction with the Center for Disability Services to coordinate proper facilities and arrangements for students with a documented disability. Students should share any requests for accommodations in their housing application under the personal and contact details page and contact Disability Services at 843.953.1431.  Find more information at the Center for Disability Services.