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Historic Houses (Upperclassmen)

These houses are available to returning students and incoming transfer students.

The city of Charleston is filled with history and what better way to immerse yourself in that history than by living in one of our 22 historic homes! Historic houses are another type of “residence hall,” typically for upperclassmen who are looking for a unique community. Each house has a different layout and some houses have full kitchens and shared living spaces along with shared laundry. 

2 Bull Street: Women and Gender Studies House Interested students please contact Megan Rowe, Director of Campus Housing or Kris De Welde, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies. 

4 Bull Street: Open to all upper class men

6 Bull Street: Franco-Hispano House Interested in French or Spanish language and culture? Want to live in a beautiful historic house with others who share your interest? The Franco-Hispano House, a learning community that provides a language immersion experience, offers just such an opportunity!  Please contact Professor Gilles Glacet or Professor Devon Hanahan for more information.

8 Bull Street: LCWA Multicultural House The School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs invites you to live in our living and learning community, the LCWA Multicultural House. The aim of this living and learning community is to foster cultural immersion and exploration, offering the chance for our students to live in a house with other residents from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Please contact Professor Gilles Glacet or Professor Devon Hanahan for more information.

24 Bull Street and 24 Bull Street Annex: Open to all upper class men

70 Coming Street: Open to all upper class women

72 Coming Street: Open to all upper class women

107 Wentworth Street: Open to all upper class women

90 Wentworth Street: Under renovation for 2019-2020 Academic Year

92 Wentworth Street: Open to all upper class women

298 Meeting Street: Open to all upper class men and women

300 Meeting Street: Open to all upper class men

Greek Historic Houses

Currently 11 Greek Organizations occupy houses on Coming Street, St. Philip Street and Wentworth Street.  In order to live in a Greek house students must be a member in good standing of the Greek organization.  First semester first year students are not allowed to live in any Greek houses.

28 Coming Street: Kappa Alpha Theta

32 Coming Street: Phi Mu

34 Coming Street: Zeta Tau Alpha

36 Coming Street: Alpha Delta Pi

38 Coming Street: Chi Omega

15 St. Philip Street: Sigma Delta Tau

17 St. Philip Street: Delta Gamma

99 Wentworth Street: Pi Kappa Alpha

101 Wentworth Street: Sigma Chi

103 Wentworth Street: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

105 Wentworth Street: Sigma Kappa