Charleston Bridge Students

Campus Housing is excited to be a part of the Charleston Bridge Program. This one-of-a-kind residential bridge program offers an enriching environment on the College of Charleston campus while taking classes provided by Trident Technical College.

Bridge students are required to live in College of Charleston residence halls and can choose from Berry HallLiberty Hall or McConnell Hall. (Halls are subject to change.) Students must also purchase a First-Year Student Resident Meal Plan to use at the on-campus dining locations. Please review our residence hall information and rates.

To apply for housing, Bridge students must first pay the $400 enrollment fee. Once that payment is made, students will apply for housing in the MyHousing/Dining portal via MyPortal. To access the housing application, students will need to pay a $50 housing application fee inside the housing portal. Your spot in the program will not be secured until you’ve applied for housing. Housing is guaranteed for all Charleston Bridge Students, but you must complete your application by 11:59 p.m. EST on May 1, 2023.

All fees are non-refundable. This includes the deposit ($400), the housing application fee ($50), and the program fee ($1,450). If a Bridge student moves into the residence hall and then withdraws from the program (voluntarily or involuntarily), they are responsible for the full semester housing and meal plan charges for the fall. The housing contract with the Bridge addendum (last page) clarifies the policy on refunds for Bridge students.

Bridge students must pay their total bill to Trident Technical College by August 1, 2023, or they will not be allowed to move into the residence hall.

Bridge Roommates

Bridge students are not eligible to live with non-Bridge students. Bridge students have the option to select another Charleston Bridge roommate or they will be assigned roommates who are also in the program. Students will be placed in Bridge-specific suites when possible. 

Within the housing application, you will be asked several profile questions that our system can use to match you with a compatible roommate. It is very important that you fill out these answers honestly. Family members can be very helpful, but they will not be the ones living in your new room. Please answer the profile questions on your own. The questions you will answer cover areas like sharing of items, cleanliness, bedtimes, noise, and the relationship you’d like between you and your future roommate. We encourage you to answer these questions based on who you are today, not who you think you will become in college. Trust us, if your room is a mess now, it is unlikely that this will change with your busy college schedule. Just be honest and say you aren’t organized! 

If you have already found someone in the Bridge program you wish to live with, you can create a roommate group in your housing application. In order to select one another, both students need to have completed the housing application. Roommate groups for incoming students should be an even number. You will be able to form a roommate group until May 15, 2023. (Reminder: You must have completed your housing application by 11:59 p.m. EST on May 1 but may return to your completed application to make qualified changes after that date.)

If you would like to connect with other Charleston Bridge students outside of the MyHousing/Dining portal, please visit the Charleston Bridge Facebook group or you can search possible roommates inside the MyHousing/Dining portal.