Room Selection

Selecting your room is easy! Let us walk you through the basics. You may also refer to our visual instructions for this information.

To get to room selection, you’ll need to log into the MyHousing/Dining portal. Once there, click the Apply for Housing and Meal Plan button, and then continue with this year’s housing application on the term-selection page.

Next, you'll select your desired residence hall from the Room Selection page of the portal. From there, you'll select your room by clicking the Add to Cart button.

Tips for the room-selection page:

  • Use the left-hand column to filter the types and locations of rooms you see on the right.
  • The room card shows the number of space(s) available, room type and your cost/semester. Each circle represents a room in the suite; the blue-outlined circle shows how many beds are in the room you’re viewing.
  • Click Show Room Info at the bottom of the room card for more information about the room, including floor plans. You can also see who is already occupying a space, if anyone, and their contact information.

Once you've added your room to your cart, you'll select your bed from the drop-down menu on the right. Then, click the Assign Beds button. If you are in a roommate group, the group leader will need to assign all roommates’ beds before clicking Assign Beds.

The final step is to click the Confirm Room Selection(s) button. With that, you're done with room selection! You will be taken to the Application Status page.

If you decide you'd like to change your room selection after confirming it, it's also easy to change your room. From the Application Status page, click the Change Room button. Select your new building on the Room Change Building Selection page, then choose your new room on the Room Change Room List by clicking Add to Cart. Select and/or assign beds on the Room Change-Assign Beds page and then confirm your newly selected room(s) and bed(s) by clicking Confirm Room Change. Your room selection has been changed after that.