Spring Only

How to Apply for Spring Housing

Important update, November 20, 2023:

The housing application for spring 2024 is closed, as we are at capacity. Students may add their name to our housing-application waitlist through the MyHousing/Dining portal. To do so, log into MyPortal and then click on the MyHousing/Dining portal tile. Click the Apply for Housing/Meal Plan button and follow any prompts for the waitlist.


Please review the Spring 2024 Housing Contract, which you will sign via DocuSign during the housing application process. 

During the application process, you will designate your housing emergency contact, answer profile questions, select a meal plan, let us know your building preferences, indicate a roommate preference (optional), and sign your housing contract. For students under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will also be required to sign the housing contract. 

Since spring housing assignments are made based on the date the housing application is completed, we suggest you apply as soon as the application opens. Housing is not guaranteed for the spring.

Incoming New Students

Step One: To access the housing application, you’ll need to first pay the $400 College of Charleston enrollment deposit, either online through MyPortal or in person at the Treasurer’s Office. If you have concerns about making the $400 enrollment deposit, you may request a financial need-based waiver by emailing the Office of Admissions at admissions@cofc.edu.

How to pay your enrollment deposit online:

  • Log into MyPortal.
  • Click the eBill tile.
  • In the pop-up window, select Deposits at the top. Find the term (2024 Spring) and click Select.
  • In the drop-down menu that will appear to the right, select Spring Deposit Incoming Students. The system will prompt you to submit the $400 enrollment deposit.

Step Two: Starting November 1, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. EST, you may begin the spring 2024 housing application by clicking the MyHousing/Dining tile within MyPortal.

If you just paid your CofC enrollment deposit, you'll be able to take this next step 12 business hours after making your deposit. To begin the housing application, log into MyPortal and click the MyHousing/Dining tile. Once in the housing portal, click the Apply for Housing/Meal Plan button. You will be prompted to pay the $50 housing application fee.

Current and Returning Students (not currently living on campus)

Starting November 1, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. EST, you may begin the spring 2024 housing application by clicking the MyHousing/Dining tile within MyPortal. In order to be able to access the spring 2024 housing application you will need to pay the $200 housing prepayment and the $50 housing application fee in the housing portal. 

Note: If you have concerns about making the $200 housing prepayment and have applied for or received financial aid (loans, scholarships or grants) for this academic year, continue reading this paragraph. You can apply to have the $200 housing prepayment deferred. To get the deferment, you will need to complete a prepayment deferment page within the housing application, where you will upload an electronic copy of your 2023-24 Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA webpage listing College of Charleston. (See sample SAR here.) Please have this ready when you apply. Once you complete the deferment page, Campus Housing will review your submission within 24 hours (except weekends). You will receive an email once the deferment has been processed. At that time, you will be able to finish completing your application.  


Open rooms for the spring are limited and, while we will do our best to accommodate two (maximum) students who would like to room together, we cannot guarantee roommate placement. You will be able to request one roommate in your housing application on the Hall Preferences page. Both students will need to have completed the housing application to be placed together. 

Housing Assignments for Spring

Beginning in December, Campus Housing will place students who have completed their housing applications. Anyone who has completed their housing application by December 1, 2023, will receive their placement via email by December 19, 2023. Students who complete a housing application after December 1 will be placed and emailed no later than January 4, 2024.


If necessary, you may cancel your housing application and bed space online using the CANCEL APPLICATION button on the homepage of the MyHousing/Dining portal. The cancellation will be timestamped and processed as soon as possible.

Cancellation penalties will apply based on the date of cancellation. Please refer to your Spring Housing Contract for the penalty fees associated with your cancellation date.

Housing Accommodations

Campus Housing recognizes the needs of students with disabilities. We work in conjunction with the Center for Disability Services to coordinate proper facilities and arrangements for students with a documented disability. Students must apply for housing accommodations by contacting Disability Services at 843.953.1431. Find more information at the Center for Disability Services.

If you have any questions regarding the housing application process, please feel free to contact Campus Housing via email at housing@cofc.edu, by phone at 843.953.2015 or in person at 40 Coming Street.