Summer Housing Information & Policies

Access Card/Key/Admittance into residence halls
ALL summer conference guests must use their Access Card to enter their residence hall at all times. Conference guests should carry this card at all times. Access Cards are given to guests when they check in and are to be returned at checkout. Failure to return your Access Card will result in a $20.00 charge placed on the group’s final invoice. There is a fee of $100.00 for lost or non-returned keys and $15.00 for lost or non-returned key fobs. Please notify the Customer Service Desk for assistance with lost keys. Keys must be returned at checkout or the fee will be added to the group’s final bill. Access cards, keys, and fobs should never be transferred to another individual. Lost Access Cards, keys, and fobs should be reported to the front desk immediately.

Alcohol and Illegal Substances
Alcohol is permitted in the residence halls and houses for any guest over the age of 21. Alcohol may not be made available or given to any person under 21 years of age. Kegs are not permitted in any residence hall or other campus housing. Illegal substances are not allowed on campus. If these policies are violated by any individual in the conference group, the group’s right to remain on campus may be forfeited immediately. If a group/individual is removed from the residence halls, they will be held responsible for all contracted housing and campus services. Enrolled College of Charleston students or students that will be enrolled in the fall may be removed from housing for the academic year if illegal substances or paraphernalia is found in their room or in their possession.

Check-In and Checkout
Check-in hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If a conference group wants to arrive outside of these hours an additional charge may be added to the final invoice. ALL groups must check in with the College of Charleston conference staff to receive their room key, Access Card and other conference information. All conference guests must check out and vacate their room by noon on their scheduled day of departure, or they will be charged an additional night’s stay. Guests must return their key and Access Card to the designated checkout location to avoid being charged for lost or non-returned items. The Office of Campus Housing reserves the right to remove personal belongings remaining in the room after the designated check-out time. Campus Housing is not responsible for personal property that is lost or left in the room after checkout. If a group requires additional items for registration, please notify the Office of Campus Housing 30 days prior to arrival.

Guests who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual within the last 14 days must inform your conference host and then must stay home and cannot come to campus unless cleared by a healthcare practitioner. 

Conference guests must treat College property, furniture and facilities in an appropriate manner to ensure no damage occurs during the group’s stay on campus. The group will be charged for any damages. Furniture must not be changed or removed from the residence hall rooms.

Face Coverings and Social Distancing
All guests must adhere to current College of Charleston COVID protocols.

Fire and Life Safety
Fire safety equipment, including smoke alarms, are provided in each room and are maintained regularly by College of Charleston’s Fire and Life Safety. If special accommodations need to be made to comply with ADA regulations, please specify this on the Conference Housing Reservation form.

Candles, incense, extension cords, space heaters, hot plates, multi-plug outlets without surge protectors, automatic drip coffee makers, toaster and toaster ovens are not permitted in the residence halls or houses. Campus Housing reserves the right to confiscate these items.

If you hear an intermittent beep from the smoke detector, report this to your front desk staff. DO NOT REMOVE BATTERIES OR ATTEMPT TO CHANGE BATTERIES! Additionally, no items are to be hung from or placed over smoke detectors, sprinklers, or over building lighting (in rooms, common rooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc.).

Each time a fire alarm sounds, it is mandatory for all guests to evacuate the building. Guests who remain in the building during a fire alarm will be subject to a fine and/or asked to vacate the building. Once evacuated, guests must remain outside until the building has been cleared by Charleston Fire Department officials.

Assembly sites: These locations are provided for your safety and to allow the Fire Department personnel adequate access to the building. When an alarm sounds, guests must assemble in the following areas:

  • 10 and 20 Warren: At the far side of the parking lot.
  • Berry: Across St. Philip Street in front of the BellSouth Building parking lot.
  • Buist/Rutledge: Robert Scott Small Building side exit: Intersection of College Promenade and Greenway. Coming Street side Exit: grassy area of horseshoe parking lot near Coming Street. Hawkins Lounge: Intersection of College Promenade and Greenway.
  • George Street: Across George Street to the parking lot in Barnett Garden.
  • Historic Houses: Across the street from the house.
  • Kelly House: Across St. Philip Street in the Charleston Water Systems parking lot.
  • Liberty Street: Across Liberty Street, down St. Philip toward the School of Education building in front of the Tate Center.
Guests are prohibited from tampering with any barrier (including but not limited to all locks, gates, doors, barricades, chains, enclosures, signs, tags or seals) installed by or under direction of fire officials. Guests found in violation of this policy will be fined and/or asked to vacate the building.
  • Minimum Fire and Life Safety Fines are as follows. A guest may be asked to vacate the premises for violating any of these policies listed below.
  • Damage, tampering, or removal of any fire alarm or sprinkler system components (i.e. tape over/removing detector, etc.) $250.00
  • Deliberate activation of a fire alarm or activation of a sprinkler system (in addition to charges related to damage caused by the sprinkler system activation) $250.00
  • Damage, tampering or removal of any exit sign or emergency lights $200.00
  • Failure to evacuate a building during an alarm $250.00
  • Unauthorized discharge, tampering, damage to, or removal of a fire hose/standpipe (in addition to charges related to damage caused by discharge of the standpipe system) $200.00
  • Damaging, tampering or overriding any Fire Exit closures, magnetic locks, etc. $250.00
  • Damaging an emergency telephone in an elevator $200.00
  • Unauthorized discharge, tampering, damage to or removal of a portable/fixed fire extinguisher cabinet or bracket $200.00
  • Activation of a fire alarm due to unauthorized activity (i.e. smoke from cigarettes, tobacco, illegal substances or other unauthorized smoke producing items or devices including vaporizers) $100.00
  • Damage to or removal of ceiling tile, fire stopping and draft stoppage $75.00 per tile
  • Damaging, tampering, taping, removal of lock, or propping door open $200.00
The housekeeping staff will clean and prepare rooms for use by our summer guests prior to arrival. Guests are responsible for cleaning their own living space during their stay. Housekeeping will only clean the public restrooms, lobbies, and halls during a group’s stay. Additional toilet paper and trash bags can be picked up from designated locations within each hall.

Internet Access
Wireless internet access is available for all summer guests. A username and password will be provided with check-in materials. Note: All residence halls have wireless internet service.

Laundry Rooms
Washers and dryers are available in each residence hall for guests’ convenience and are free of charge. Guests are responsible for providing their own detergent and laundry supplies

Maintenance/Right of Entry
For maintenance concerns or emergencies, please call 843.953.5550. Throughout the summer, the Office of Campus Housing and Facilities Management work to improve the facilities for our students Guests may notice these projects taking place during their stay and we appreciate your flexibility as we complete these projects. The College reserves the right to conduct announced and unannounced inspections of rooms for sanitary and safety conditions, unauthorized property, rule violations, and property damage. Inspections will be conducted by College staff. The College reserves the right for appropriate officials to search individual rooms in cases where there is reasonable cause to believe that the occupant has concealed within his or her room unauthorized property, contraband, or is engaging in inappropriate or illegal conduct. If such property is discovered, the College will seize the property.

Medical Emergencies
For assistance with medical emergencies, guests should call 911.

In order to maintain safety and security and to ensure compliance with all policies, the College of Charleston requires a legally sufficient number of adult supervisors for those persons under 18 years of age. The College shall not be responsible or liable for the care, safety, or oversight of minors at any time. Conference participants and their parents and guardians hereby assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the minor’s stay in College facilities and participation in the activity/camp, and any acts or activities engaged in supplemental to their stay and the activity/camp. Further, on behalf of participant/minor, their parent/guardian, their family members, heirs, personal representatives and assigns, I/we hereby release, waive, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue the State of South Carolina, College of Charleston, its Board of Trustees, officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and any student employees for any and all harm, injury, damages, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses of any nature that participant, their parent/legal guardian, or releasors may have or may hereafter accrue out of or related in any way to participant’s stay in campus housing, participation in the activity/camp, or any acts or activities engaged in supplemental to participation in the activity/camp.

Further, participant/minor, their parent/guardian, and releasers hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the College and all releases referenced above from any and all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, or costs, including court costs and attorneys’ fees, that releasees may incur, associated with participant’s stay in College housing, participation in the Activity/camp and any acts or activities engaged in supplemental to the Activity/camp.

Noise/Quiet Hours
Any conference guest or group acting in disorderly or disruptive behavior may be asked to vacate the property immediately. If removed from the residence hall, you are responsible for all contracted housing and services. To ensure the comfort of all our guests, courtesy quiet hours are in place beginning at 10:00 p.m. each night and ending at 8:00 a.m. the following morning. We ask that guests please be considerate of any noise that may carry outside of the room or suite.

Packages (Shipping/Receiving)
All packages must be shipped through College of Charleston Mail Services. Guests should check with their camp or conference coordinator for the specific address they should use to ship packages. Once the package arrives, the coordinator will be notified via email and the package will be placed in a College-owned parcel locker for convenient pick up. The Office of Campus Housing will not sign for or accept packages. Mail Services hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

Packages MUST be addressed as follows:

Campus Housing-Summer Conferences
(Guest Name)
(Your Group Name)
(Box Number) College of Charleston Complex
Charleston, SC 29424

Additionally, there are two Amazon Lockers that are conveniently located on campus and can be used by guests. You can use these lockers to receive and return Amazon purchases only. These lockers are located in the following areas: Amazon Locker Bente – Lightsey Center Annex Courtyard; Amazon Locker Discus – Stern Center Garden, Coming Street entrance.

Please visit the Amazon website for instructions on how to send packages to Bente or Discus. The College does not have access to these lockers.

Physical Violence/Profanity
Guests are not allowed to use physical violence (ex. pushing, hitting, etc.) or profanity for any reason. Guests involved in physical violence will be removed from campus. If a group/individual is removed from the residence halls due to physical violence/profanity, they will be held responsible for all contracted housing and campus services.

Porches and balconies must be kept clean and clear. Furniture or chairs may not be left outside. Clothing, towels, etc. may not be hung from porches, railings or any outside areas. All building roofs are off limits. Guests are not to climb or hang off any railings or hang out of any windows.

Safety and Security
Conference guests must keep their doors locked at all times. Guests should exercise good judgment, always travel in pairs and note the emergency call boxes on campus for assistance if needed. Please report any suspicious activity to Public Safety at 81-B St. Philip Street (across from Berry residence hall) or by phone at 843.953.5609. The College is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Shared Common Areas and Residence Hall Facilities
Campus Housing provides living space for diverse conference groups during the summer. A residence hall may host several groups at the same time. For this reason, all groups should be courteous to one another and be willing to share the lobbies, lounges and common areas. Please work with all other summer conference groups to share the residence halls and make the summer activity a success.

College of Charleston is a tobacco-free campus. All smoking, vaping, and tobacco use are prohibited in and anywhere on College property.

The College of Charleston is located in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and is close to dining, shopping, historical monuments and activities. CARTA is the main shuttle and bus service for the downtown Charleston area and neighboring communities (North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and James Island). For more information on Charleston’s public transportation system, please visit their website at

Trash bags are available at designated areas in each hall. Trash must be bagged and placed in the designated trash removal areas located in or around each hall or on the outside of the house. No trash is to be placed in the hallways.

Weapons, Firearms and Fireworks
The following items are NOT allowed in the residence halls or Houses at any time: firearms (even if under permit), knives, guns (including b-b guns/pellet guns), bows and arrows, fireworks of any kind, explosives and other dangerous weapons. Campus Housing reserves the right to confiscate these items and remove guests from campus if any of the above-mentioned items are found in the guest’s room or in their possession.