Work Orders

Campus Housing partners closely with Facilities Management to provide a safe, clean and comfortable living environment. If you notice any issues or concerns in your residence, please enter a request in the Work Orders tab in the MyHousing/Dining portal via MyCharleston. This is the fastest way to get service.

If you experience a maintenance emergency during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), immediately call 843.953.5550. After 5:00 p.m. please contact your front desk or call 843.953.5550.

How to Enter a Work Order for Campus Housing

1. Log into MyCharleston.

2. Click on the MyHousing/Dining portal icon (top right).

3. Click the Submit Work Order button.

4. Log in using your MyCharleston credentials.screen shot of login page for work order
5. Click Enter a New Request.

screen shot of enter request screen in work order
6. Enter the City (CHARLESTON), Facility (DOWNTOWN), Property Name (RESIDENCE HALL), Floor (written as 001, 002, etc.) and Location (type your room or suite number and click the magnifying glass to select the exact space – if you’re entering multiple work orders for a suite, only choose the suite number).

screen shot of location page in work order

7. Select the Problem Code (Student Housing) and enter a description of the problem(s). Lights out in A and B rooms. A room: small hole in bedroom wall. B room: blind wand is missing. Leave the Banner Index blank. Click Save Request.

screen shot of problem code page of work order


8. Write down the Request Number for reference.

9. Click Exit to Menu (enter another work order) or Exit the Application (to exit the system).