Residence Halls

We encourage students to live on campus. Beyond being convenient, living on campus can help students succeed both academically and emotionally in the fast-paced college environment. If you want to live on campus, please complete the housing application as soon as possible. Learn more about the housing-application process for incoming new students, transfer students or current/returning students

Types of Housing

The College offers a variety of living options, from traditional rooms and apartments to beautiful historic homes. As you’ll read below, some of the halls and the historic houses are for returning students and some halls are for first-year students. Some halls house both. We encourage transfer students to look at the housing category (first-year or returning student) that best suits their situation. Take a look at all the options to find the best fit for you.

Housing Features

All CofC halls and houses have:

  • air conditioning
  • free washers and dryers
  • free Wi-Fi
  • either a microfridge, kitchenette or full kitchen

Using the building links below, you can read about a residence hall or historic house, see sample floor plans, and learn about amenities.

You can also check out a 360° video tour of all our residence halls or view them individually on each hall page. You will be able to see floor plans for specific rooms in the MyHousing/Dining portal during room selection.

Finally, get a sense of where everything is with our map of dining locations and residence halls.

2023-2024 Academic Year Housing Rates and Hall Availability

All rates are per person, per semester

The Housing Contract is a binding contract for the entire academic year (two semesters) from August to May. Housing rates are approved by the Board of Trustees no later than June each year.

The hall availability listed below is for the 2023-2024 academic year and is subject to change.

Buildings Available for First-Year Students

    Berry Hall - Double: $3,672; Triple: $3,348; Quadruple: $3,000
    Buist Rivers (Female only) - Double: $3,672
    Craig Hall - Double: $3,672
    Liberty Street - Double: $4,860; Triple: $4,200
    Kelly House* (limited) - Double: $4,860

    McAlister Hall - Double: $4,860
    McConnell Hall - Double: $4,104
    Rutledge Rivers (limited) - Double: $4,590

    Warren Place (1, 10 and 20 Warren) - Private: $5,562; Double: $4,860

Buildings Available for Returning Students

    Berry Hall - Double: $3,672; Triple: $3,348
    George Street Apartments - Private: $5,562
    Historic Houses - Private: $4,644; Double: $4,104; Triple: $3,726
    Guest Houses - Double: $3,672; Triple: $3,348
    Kelly House - Private: $5,562; Double: $4,860
    Rutledge Rivers - Private: $4,750; Double: $4,590
    20 Warren Place - Private: $5,562; Double: $4,860
    99 St. Philip Street - Private: $5,562; Double: $4,860

Room Definitions

Private room: Student has their own bedroom but shares common spaces, including bathrooms. 
Double room: Student shares a bedroom with one other person.
Triple room: Student shares a bedroom with two other people.
Quadruple room: Student shares a bedroom with three other people.

Suite: Students in suites share common spaces, including bathrooms, with their roommate(s) and suitemates.

*Kelly House will not have front desk staff like other first-year buildings. You will use a key fob for secure access, but there will not be someone at the front desk.